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I love reading Ammo Grrrll on Friday’s at the Powerline Blog. She always makes me smile and often she makes me laugh out loud. Her logic is impeccable, her presentation is delightful. Farnham

I watch a lot of crime shows, so I know that a criminal needs both motive and opportunity. In 50 state elections (57 if you do Obama’s count) , with everything from early voting to election-day-registration to voting machines and paper ballots, where exactly is the opportunity for Putin to hack?

And more to the point: WHY? What on earth would motivate Vlad to prefer Donald to Hillary? She already sold him all the uranium he wanted. She blurted on national television the time it takes to launch an attack. Her whole “pay to play” fraudulent charity meant she had a giant “For Sale” sign on her ample rear. Trump is supposed to be a maniac who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, unlike, say, Jimmah Carter, who once sent a coat to the cleaners which contained the codes. Why would Mr. Putin want such a terrifying loose cannon to win?

Apart from liking beautiful women, which sets them apart from all the men I know, it’s not clear that Donald and Vlad have that much in common. For example, I have never once seen Trump without a shirt and hope to maintain that record until the day I die.

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